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Looking for motivated candidates with a passion for research and collaborative science for the following positions:

Postdoctoral Associate - Laronda Lab

Stanley Manne Children's Research Institute, Northwestern University

Updated: 09/09/2022

The Laronda Lab is seeking an enthusiastic, postdoc who is highly motivated to gain experience in an innovative fertility and hormone restoration lab. This position is at the Stanley Manne Children's Research Institute and Northwestern University. We are a collaborative lab that aims to understand human gonadal sex determination and how the microenvironment influences folliculogenesis using human specimens, animal models, and iPSC lines. Candidates must have a PhD in reproductive science or a related field, track record of first author publications and other research dissemination experience. Postdocs are expected to have excellent written and presentation skills and established cell culture and molecular biology techniques.

This position is specifically to assist on a NIH Human BioMolecular Atlas Program grant. More information available at: HuBMAP Consortium – The HuBMAP Human BioMolecular Atlas Program

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