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FHPR hosts Fertility Preservation Specialists from Japan

On January 12th 2018, the Fertility and Hormone Preservation and Restoration (FHPR) Program hosted a group of Japanese physicians and psychologists from St. Marianna University in Kanagawa, Japan. The group consisted of Tomoe Koizumi, Ph.D., Saido Takae, M.D., Ph.D., Hiraku Endo, MD, as well as Hideyuki and Yuriko Iwahata from Woodruff Lab-Oncofertility Consortium, who were interested in learning more about how the Lurie Children’s FHPR program operates. Specifically, they were interested in how the FHPR Program interfaces with pediatric patients, not just the parents, as is a more common practice in Japan. As part of the day, the team heard presentations from Isabelle Wilson, Barb Lockart, Tricia Eifler, Molly Reimann and Chris Stake. Johanna Mishra, from Lurie’s International Program facilitated a tour of Lurie Children’s Hospital, including the Clinical Research Unit, to see the physical space where Fertility Preservation consultations take place. The group ended the day with a tour of the Laronda Lab (image above) followed by a Q&A session with Program Directors Drs. Monica Laronda and Erin Rowell.


Back row: Hiraku Endo, Isabelle Wilson, Monica Laronda, Kelly Even, Tomoe Koizumi

Front row: Kristine Corkum, Molly Reimann, Jacquelyn Searcy, Erin Rowell, Saido Takae, Hideyuki and Yuriko Iwahata

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