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Presenting our research

Drs. Erin Rowell and Monica Laronda presented Surgical Grand Rounds at Advocate Children's Hospital on September 26th. We presented on Current Concepts in Pediatric Fertility Preservation and described how our clinical and foundational research teams work together to improve pediatric fertility preservation.

Nicole Handa presented her poster on Evaluation of Comprehension in Video-Based Education for Pediatric Fertility Presentation at the Northwestern University Area of Scholarly Concentration poster session on October 5th.

Dr. Kelly McKinnon and Nathaniel Henning represented the Laronda Lab at the 8th Illinois Symposium on Reproductive Sciences (ISRS) hosted this year by Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, IL on October 7-8th. KM presented on Monitoring niche remodeling during folliculogenesis in bovine ovaries and NH presented his work on Defining Extracellular Matrix Protein Composition and Influence on Folliculogenesis Across Ovarian Compartments.

Dr. Monica Laronda attended the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) conference in the Colorado Conference Center in Denver. She hosted a roundtable discussion on In vitro oogenesis and prosthetic ovaries and presented in the Interactive Symposium: Technological advances in fertility preservation with Dr. Hanna Valli.

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